Built using Freedom’s revolutionary hybrid head design, the Freedom Live Action Spinnerbait grabs fishes' attention with a lethal combination of free-swinging action and vivid flash. For maximum movement, the hook on the Freedom Live Action Spinnerbait is attached using their advanced interchangeable hook design which gives trailers a natural swimming presentation.

In addition, this hook release system allows for quick and easy replacement, so anglers can pre-rig a variety of trailers and switch them out without ever having to retie. Also, the revolutionary design keeps fish from using the lure as leverage to spit the hook, resulting in more landed fish.

From end-to-end, the Freedom Live Action Spinnerbait features premium components, including a super bright Willow/Colorado blade combo, top-of-the-line swivel, and a spring lock trailer keeper. Finished with a hardened epoxy finish for long-lasting durability, the Freedom Live Action Spinnerbait delivers a bright, highly attractive presentation that will help trigger strikes from otherwise uninspired fish.