Ultra Tungsten Advantages



Tungsten is one of the densest and hardest materials in the world and has many advantages when it comes to fishing applications. Firstly, it is lead-free. This makes it an environmentally friendly alternative for weights whether it is for Texas rigging, Carolina rigging or Dropshotting. The density of tungsten is extremely beneficial as a 97% tungsten weight (like all of our Ultra Tungsten products are) is 40-50% smaller in size than an equivalent lead weight. This smaller profile allows your bait to slip through weeds, snags and penetrate heavy cover much easier. 


With finesse presentations such as Dropshotting, the smaller sized tungsten weight will slide through bottom cover with ease and gives the angler the advantage of being able to determine the type of bottom structure better. Ultra Tungsten drop shot weights are available in both a round and cylindrical profile. 


Its density and hardness also aids in transmitting information about the bottom composition to the angler. It is much easier to feel the difference between a rock, sand, mud, clay, wood or gravel bottom when rigged with an Ultra Tungsten weight than with a conventional weight. Being able to feel composition changes (transition zones) on the bottom can be a huge advantage when looking for productive fishing areas. The enhanced sensitivity that youll experience when using Ultra Tungsten weights will definitely change your perception of bottom structure.


Tungstens density and hardness creates extra sound as well. The hardness of a tungsten weight causes a lot of noise as it bangs against the bottom or other materials. This makes tungsten weights ideal for Carolina rigging where noise is a critical element. You can even use two tungsten weights together so that they clack against each other to create maximum noise.


All Ultra Tungsten products are 97% pure tungsten positioning them amongst the worlds smallest weights. There are no inserts to possibly interfere with or fray your fishing line. The line holes on Ultra Tungsten worm weights are rounded and polished smooth at both ends to minimize any line friction. Ultra Tungsten worm weights are available with or without a locking screw. Of course, the ones without the screw can be pegged in place with an Ultra Peg. 


Experience the tungsten difference with Ultra Tungsten weights! Harder is better and size does matter!