Hi there, I'm Lisa, Shawn's partner.  I have been supporting Shawn's fishing habit for years through gifts for all of the holidays.  My fishing knowledge is VERY limited.  I take great pride in antagonizing Shawn by coming up with fancy nicknames for all of his fishing gifts.  Check back often, I'm hoping some of them will make the site!   I digress...I'm often at a loss on what to get him for fishing gifts.

Typically, I head to the store with a note on my phone with a list of items that he has mentioned.  I hand over my phone and say HELP!   If they don't happen to have the specific item that I'm searching for, I'm at a loss.  When Shawn started talking about creating Tackle Terminal, we also started talking about ways to support and help people come up with thoughtful, unique, personalized gifts.  Our solution is the Tackle Terminal Personal Shopping Service 

We are so excited to provide this service to you!  We can't wait to start building your perfect gift!

Our goal with is to make gift giving easy, while making sure that the recipients are getting quality, unique, personalized items that they will love.

Tackle Terminal Personal Shopping Service

3 easy steps: 

1. Tell your loved ones about the Tackle Terminal Personal Shopping Service and share this link with them

2. Share the answers to the following questions: 

What kind of fish do you target?

Do you have a favorite brand?

What type of water body do you fish (river, reservoir, freshwater lake)? 

3. Your loved one reaches out to us with the answers to the questions, through the link

We strive to

1. Review the request

2. Connect with you any for questions and to set up payment

3. Create your personalized, unique gift

4. Ship your gift 

All of this done for you in 4 business days!   

We are so excited to provide this service to you!  We can't wait to start building your perfect gift!  We are so excited for this service that we had to tell you twice! 

Thanks for stopping by!   Looking forward to working with you SOON!